Are you onto the technology that is poised to deliver great value to an underserved African market segment?

If yes, great. We want to hear from you if you are building a product or service in digital payments, identity, financial inclusion, micro-loans, digitization of the retail segment, or any project offering financial services to the bottom of the pyramid.

WecreateAfrica brings together the most innovative projects initiated by students from African universities and tertiary institutions.

Applications are also open to projects started in tertiary institutions regardless of current status of the founders.

We are looking for focused projects, pre and post Product Market Fit, leveraging technology to solve Africa's problems by removing friction and enabling the adoption of products and services by millions of Africans.

The winning ideas will be presented at the ePayments Afrique 2022 Conference, Exhibition and Award Ceremony. For more info visit us at


The "WecreateAfrica" competition is open to any early-stage startup (less than 24 months of operations) started within the confines of a tertiary institution in SSA with a focus on Africa. The competition will be organised online with the support of the African Development Bank and Venture Capital firms. The award ceremony will take place during ePayments Afrique Conference in the city of Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. Prizes will be in cash grants and in the form of investments. We have a constituted a very experienced panel of judges, made up of Senior cadre of the African Development Bank and private sector market operatives. We hope to bolster a framework whereby tertiary institutions in SSA encourage and support the founding of startups by students.


First Prize Africa Grand Prize $50,000

Second Prize $20,000

Third Prize $15,000

Fourth Prize $10,000

Fifth Prize $5,000

People’s award for outstanding excellence. $15,000


January 31st , 2022

Submission of interest (Via the forms on the website)

February 14th 2022

Early Bird deadline (Free)

March 31st 2022


July 14th, 2022

judging Session (for the selected applicants)

July 25th, 2022

Shortlisted candidates announced

Q4 2022

Winners announced. Awards to winners at the ePayments Afrique 2022 Conference, Exhibition and Award Ceremony


Founders must reside in Sub Saharan Africa (SSA).

Selected candidates will be published and contacted.

These candidates will be evaluated and receive expert advice (mentors) to prepare for the big pitch.

Startups will be appraised by their potential to enhance the life of Africans significantly.

Boldness and Originality in use of technology will be highly considered

Full set of rules and regulations will be communicated to successful applicants.


To participate as a candidate kindly fill in the form below